Independent Facilitation

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    Independent Facilitation

Independent Facilitation

In 1995, the Michigan Mental Health Code established a right for all individuals receiving services to have their Individual Plan of Service developed using the Person Centered-Planning process. This process allows the individual to express their preferences, choices and abilities in order to build upon their capacity to engage in activities that promote community life. The Person Centered Planning process involves those who are closest to the individual, such as family members and friends, as well as professionals.

How Do I Get A Facilitator?

At the beginning or your preplanning meeting, your Supports Coordinator will ask you if you want to have an Independent Facilitator. If so, you will then have the opportunity to choose which person you want like to have.

Independent Facilitation

The Lakeshore Regional Entity (LRE) has a pool of regional Independent Facilitators that individuals receiving services can utilize as an option. The facilitators are trained in the Person Centered Planning (PCP) process and are knowledgeable on how meetings are to be run. They are also trained in confidentiality issues and are under the same Mental Health Code as LRE.

What does an Independent Facilitator Do?

An Independent Facilitator helps you plan your Person Centered Planning meeting. They will:

  • Assist you with arranging your meeting (inviting those you have chosen, where and when you would like to have your meeting)
  • Run the meeting
  • Focus on your needs, dreams and wishes
    With the dreams and goals you have set, an Independent Facilitator, along with your support teams, will help you put those dreams into actions

What Makes A Good Facilitator?

A good facilitator is a person who:

  • Listens to you
  • Supports you
  • Encourages all to participate
  • Knows about Person Centered Planning
  • Gathers ideas to help you plan

Who Can Be A Facilitator?

It is your choice! It could be:

  • You
  • A friend or family member
  • Your current Supports Coordinator
  • An Independent Facilitator