Representative Payee

  • Representative Payee Services

Representative Payee Services

The Arc Muskegon is pleased to be offering Representative Payee services. Representative Payee Services will manage benefits by paying living expenses from a month’s budget with the benefits social security (SS), supplemental security(SSI), or social security disability (SSDI) income.   Social Security Administration

Representative Payee Brochure

Representative Payee Introduction Letter

Organizational Representative Responsibilities

As representative payee The Arc Muskegon is responsible for managing, documenting and reporting the use of all funds they receive as payee. In accordance with Social Security Administration (SSA) and best practice The Arc Muskegon will gather all necessary information and legal documentation required to become Rep Payee and meet with the beneficiary/guardian to create a monthly budget. Individuals served (or designee) will receive a quarterly statement detailing expenses paid and SSA income.


SSA appoints representative payees to manage Social Security and Social Security benefits only. There are limits including but not limited to medical decisions, binding beneficiary funds, sign legal documents.

The Arc Muskegon Rep Payee Best Practice

The Arc Muskegon will treat all individuals served with dignity and respect and when able will provide education on money management, support alternatives to expensive purchases and affordable and safe housing options.